About Us

Our pool

Pool Features for Miners

  1. Profit switch - You can switch mining coin/algo by profitability withing 1 click.
  2. Only 1 wallet/account for all coins - You must register on K1Pool.com and mine exactly to that wallet on any algo.
  3. Set "real" payout wallet at any time. Edit payout wallet whenever you need.
  4. Anonymous mining available - You can choose anonymous ports and mine directly to your own wallet, no registration required.
  5. Stratum/server endpoints in Europe, USA and China (mainland).
  6. PPLNS and SOLO mode for mining.
  7. Mining command line (.bat) generator - Open any pool, click on "Generate config" button, follow configuration process.
  8. Changeable payout threshold for all coins at one place - Open wallet settings on site and set threshold for each coin.
  9. Telegram bot with instant notifications: offline worker, solo block found.
  10. Multilanguage support (language list will be increased).
  11. Informative and detailed statistics.
  12. We offer two-factor authentication (Google Authenticator).
  13. Automatic and fast payouts.
  14. Light / Dark Theme.
  15. API for developers.
  16. Telegram and Discord support, any help can be requested.
  17. Stratum: no duplicate shares, reduced traffic use, reduced count of uncle and orphan blocks, low ping.
  18. NiceHash and MiningRigRentals support on all algos.
  19. Low fee: 1% only (both PPLNS and SOLO).

Pool Features for NiceHash Buyers

  1. Special and unique NiceHash Panel.
  2. Current profitability for each coin in BTC.
  3. New block notifications inside browser or Telegram bot.
  4. Switch coins on same algo without cancelling orders on the fly.
  5. Special bot that can be configured with personal or pre-made strategy.
  6. Pause can be set for any NiceHash order, you can save money on new orders.
  7. Special sessions mode for SOLO miners, where you can set % that you want to earn and rest will do our K1Pool.com bot.
  8. Create any amount of orders with personal price limit for each order.
  9. Set maximum speed and price for all orders or separate.
  10. Create Fixed orders and replace them when cheaper price available (bot do it automatically).
  11. Preview order prices for each strategy.
  12. Difficulty chart with past and current block profitability, blocktime, % change data.
  13. Special mode for stale shares.
  14. Special VIP (private) features (not available for usual miners).
  15. Special bounty program for long term buyers.