OctaSpace Solo Mining Pool +

How To Start Mining OctaSpace SOLO

Choose Mining Server OCTA

  ZIL ZIL Dual Mining TCP Port SSL Port
  GPU eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6284 eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6284
  GPU HiDiff eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6285 eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6285
Innosilicon A11  Innosilicon A11 eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274 eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274
Bitmain E7, E9Pro  Bitmain E7, E9Pro eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274 eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274
iPollo  iPollo eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6264 eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6264
iPollo  ForestMiner eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6284 eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6284
Jasminer X16  Jasminer X16 eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6294 eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6294
Jasminer X4  Jasminer X4 eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274 eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274
  ZIL ZIL Dual Mining TCP Port SSL Port
  GPU us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6284 us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6284
  GPU HiDiff us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6285 us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6285
Innosilicon A11  Innosilicon A11 us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274 us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274
Bitmain E7, E9Pro  Bitmain E7, E9Pro us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274 us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274
iPollo  iPollo us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6264 us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6264
iPollo  ForestMiner us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6284 us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6284
Jasminer X16  Jasminer X16 us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6294 us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6294
Jasminer X4  Jasminer X4 us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274 us.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274
  ZIL ZIL Dual Mining TCP Port SSL Port
  GPU cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6284 cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6284
  GPU HiDiff cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6285 cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6285
Innosilicon A11  Innosilicon A11 cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274 cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274
Bitmain E7, E9Pro  Bitmain E7, E9Pro cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274 cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274
iPollo  iPollo cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6264 cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6264
iPollo  ForestMiner cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6284 cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6284
Jasminer X16  Jasminer X16 cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6294 cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6294
Jasminer X4  Jasminer X4 cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274 cn.octasolo.k1pool.com:6274
- ZIL mining enabled by default, for payouts add your Zilliqa (ZIL) wallet address on Wallets page.
- for ZIL mining add your Zilliqa (ZIL) wallet address on Wallets page.
- port supports non-SSL and SSL connections
- port supports SSL connection only
GMiner configuration OCTA ethash %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME% %URL_HOST% %URL_PORT% x
lolMiner configuration OCTA ethash %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME% %URL_HOST% %URL_PORT% x --ethstratum ETHV1 --enablezilcache 1
TeamRedMiner configuration OCTA ethash %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME% %URL% x
BzMiner configuration OCTA ethash %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME% %URL_HOST% %URL_PORT% x "cache_dag": "1"
ETHASH stratum+tcp://eu.octa.k1pool.com:6262 Kr_WALLET.ipollo
Getwork ETH stratum+tcp://eu.octa.k1pool.com:6282 Kr_WALLET.jasminer x

SCHEME: Stratum1+TCP
SERVER: eu.octa.k1pool.com:6282 or us.octa.k1pool.com:6282 or cn.octa.k1pool.com:6282

Step 1 - Register

Register or login to get your account address.
Anonymous mining not supported. Use Kr_WALLET inside your rig\asic settings. Kr_WALLET is internal k1pool wallet (similar to unique username).

Step 2 - Download mining software

Quick start: Download ready to go package of the GPU Miners Software (zip password: k1pool).

For Nvidia GPUs we recommend Rigel.
For AMD GPUs we recommend lolMiner or TeamRedMiner.

Step 3 - Edit the bat file

Replace Kr_WALLET with account address you got on Step 1.
If you want, you can change RIG_NAME in the bat file. Specify the name of the rig as you want it to be shown in miner's statistics page.
Length of RIG_NAME - 32 characters maximum. Use English letters, numbers and symbols "-" and "_".

Step 4 - Setup Payout Wallet (OCTA)

Currently, there is no wallet with native OCTA support. You could generate a wallet address on a crypto exchange, for example CoinEx. We recommend to use an Ethereum wallet that supports custom RPC, for example Metamask. Add a custom network using this tutorial and OCTA network details.
  • Network Name: OCTA-mainnet
  • New RPC URL: https://rpc.octa.space
  • Chain ID: 800001
  • Currency Symbol: OCTA
  • Block Explorer URL (Optional): https://explorer.octa.space
Or click here to add network to Metamask
After that enter your OCTA 0x address on Wallets page for payouts.

Hash Power Rental Services

Our pool works with Hash Power rental services Miningrigrentals.com and NiceHash.com.

Settings for NiceHash.com:

Custom pool name: K1Pool OCTASOLO
Algorithm: DaggerHashimoto
Stratum hostname or IP: eu.octasolo.k1pool.com
Port: 6285
Username: Kr_WALLET
Password: x

Settings for Miningrigrentals.com:

Type: Dagger-Hashimoto (Ethash)
Pool Host: eu.octasolo.k1pool.com:6284
Workername (-u): Kr_WALLET
Password (-p): x

Telegram support chat

Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions