Kaspa Solo Mining Pool

How To Start Mining Kaspa SOLO

Choose Mining Server KAS

  Difficulty TCP Port SSL Port
  GPU 1.1T eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:3114 eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:13114
IceRiver KS0  IceRiver KS0 2.2T eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23104 eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23104
IceRiver KS1, KS2  IceRiver KS1, KS2 17.59T eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23114 eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23114
IceRiver KS3L, KS3M  IceRiver KS3L, KS3M 35.2T eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23124 eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23124
IceRiver KS3  IceRiver KS3 70.4T eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23224 eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23224
Bitmain Antminer KS3  Bitmain KS3 70.4T eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23224 eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23224
TheWindMiner K9  TheWindMiner K9 70.4T eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23424 eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23424
iBeLink BM-KS Max  iBeLink BM-KS Max 70.4T eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23424 eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23424
  Difficulty TCP Port SSL Port
  GPU 1.1T us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:3114 us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:3114
IceRiver KS0  IceRiver KS0 2.2T us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23104 us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23104
IceRiver KS1, KS2  IceRiver KS1, KS2 17.59T us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23114 us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23114
IceRiver KS3L, KS3M  IceRiver KS3L, KS3M 35.2T us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23124 us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23124
IceRiver KS3  IceRiver KS3 70.4T us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23224 us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23224
Bitmain Antminer KS3  Bitmain KS3 70.4T us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23224 us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23224
TheWindMiner K9  TheWindMiner K9 70.4T us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23424 us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23424
iBeLink BM-KS Max  iBeLink BM-KS Max 70.4T us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23424 us.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23424
  Difficulty TCP Port SSL Port
  GPU 1.1T cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:3114 cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:3114
IceRiver KS0  IceRiver KS0 2.2T cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23104 cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23104
IceRiver KS1, KS2  IceRiver KS1, KS2 17.59T cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23114 cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23114
IceRiver KS3L, KS3M  IceRiver KS3L, KS3M 35.2T cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23124 cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23124
IceRiver KS3  IceRiver KS3 70.4T cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23224 cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23224
Bitmain Antminer KS3  Bitmain KS3 70.4T cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23224 cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23224
TheWindMiner K9  TheWindMiner K9 70.4T cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23424 cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23424
iBeLink BM-KS Max  iBeLink BM-KS Max 70.4T cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23424 cn.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:23424
- port supports non-SSL and SSL connections
- port supports SSL connection only

Step 1 - Register

Register or login to get your account address.
Anonymous mining not supported. Use Kr_WALLET inside your rig\asic settings. Kr_WALLET is internal k1pool wallet (similar to unique username).

Step 2 - Miner Configuration

1. Turn the ASIC into a powered outlet and connect to the Internet
2. Assign a static IP to ASIC in the router settings
3. In the browser on the same network, write the IP address of ASIC and Enter
4. After that, enter the login: admin and password: 12345678
5. In the Mining setting tab, fill in the fields Pool1: stratum+tcp://eu.kaspa.k1pool.com:23102, Wallet/Worker - Kr_WALLET.ASIC_NAME, Password(Optional) - x
6. Press Save, then Restart
7. After 5 minutes, the Home tab should display shares, pool address, wallet and Connected status

Take a look stratum port for your device here:
IceRiver KS0 stratum: eu.kaspa.k1pool.com:23102
IceRiver KS1, KS2n stratum: eu.kaspa.k1pool.com:23112
IceRiver KS3L, KS3M stratum: eu.kaspa.k1pool.com:23122
IceRiver KS3 stratum: eu.kaspa.k1pool.com:23222
Bitmain Antminer KS3 / Bitmain KS3 stratum: eu.kaspa.k1pool.com:23222
TheWindMiner K9 stratum: eu.kaspa.k1pool.com:23422

Step 3 - Create a Wallet (KAS)

You could download official Kaspa wallet or generate an address at a crypto exchange, for example CoinEx.
After that enter your KAS address on Wallets page for payouts.

Hash Power Rental Services

Our pool works with Hash Power rental services Miningrigrentals.com and NiceHash.com.

Settings for NiceHash.com:

Custom pool name: K1Pool KASPASOLO
Stratum hostname or IP: eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com
Port: 3114
Username: Kr_WALLET
Password: x

Settings for Miningrigrentals.com:

Type: kHeavyHash (Kaspa)
Pool Host: eu.kaspasolo.k1pool.com:3114
Workername (-u): Kr_WALLET
Password (-p): x

Telegram support chat

Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions