How To Start Mining Zilliqa

Step 1 - Register

Register or login to get your account address.

Step 2 - Create a Wallet (ZIL)

You could download officialy recommended wallets or generate an address at crypto exchange, for example Binance or Bittrex.
After that enter your ZIL address on Wallets page for payouts.

Step 3 - Connect to pool for dual mining

Connect your hardware to any pool below using your account address you got on Step 1.
ZIL will be mine automatically during ZIL PoW window.

Ethereum PoW Ethereum PoW
Ethereum PoW SOLO Ethereum PoW SOLO
Callisto Callisto
Callisto SOLO Callisto SOLO
Expanse Expanse
Expanse SOLO Expanse SOLO
Metaverse ETP Metaverse ETP
Metaverse ETP SOLO Metaverse ETP SOLO
Ethereum Classic RBPPS+ Ethereum Classic RBPPS+
Ethereum Classic SOLO Ethereum Classic SOLO

Telegram support chat

Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions