PowBlocks (XPB) pool has been added
New PowBlocks (XPB) Pool is online (Ethash algo)! PPLNS and SOLO pools are available.
Estimated Daily Revenue
GH/s~ 0.000000 XPB
Miners Online
1 GH/s Revenue
Pool Hashrate
Pool Fee
Network Hashrate
Network Difficulty
Blockchain Height
Block Reward, XPB
XPB Price
360 min Payouts run every
5 XPB Payout Threshold
DAG Size

Pool Hashrate

Choose Mining Server XPB

  ZIL ZIL Dual Mining TCP Port SSL Port
  GPU eu.xpb.k1pool.com:9722 eu.xpb.k1pool.com:9720
Bitmain E7  Bitmain E7 eu.xpb.k1pool.com:9712 eu.xpb.k1pool.com:9712
Bitmain E9Pro  Bitmain E9Pro - -
iPollo  iPollo eu.xpb.k1pool.com:9702 eu.xpb.k1pool.com:9702
iPollo  ForestMiner eu.xpb.k1pool.com:9722 eu.xpb.k1pool.com:9720
Jasminer X16  Jasminer X16 eu.xpb.k1pool.com:9732 eu.xpb.k1pool.com:9732
Jasminer X4  Jasminer X4 eu.xpb.k1pool.com:9712 eu.xpb.k1pool.com:9712
  VIP port   @k1help @k1help
  ZIL ZIL Dual Mining TCP Port SSL Port
  GPU us.xpb.k1pool.com:9722 us.xpb.k1pool.com:9720
Bitmain E7  Bitmain E7 us.xpb.k1pool.com:9712 us.xpb.k1pool.com:9712
Bitmain E9Pro  Bitmain E9Pro - -
iPollo  iPollo us.xpb.k1pool.com:9702 us.xpb.k1pool.com:9702
iPollo  ForestMiner us.xpb.k1pool.com:9722 us.xpb.k1pool.com:9720
Jasminer X16  Jasminer X16 us.xpb.k1pool.com:9732 us.xpb.k1pool.com:9732
Jasminer X4  Jasminer X4 us.xpb.k1pool.com:9712 us.xpb.k1pool.com:9712
  VIP port   @k1help @k1help
  ZIL ZIL Dual Mining TCP Port SSL Port
  GPU cn.xpb.k1pool.com:9722 cn.xpb.k1pool.com:9720
Bitmain E7  Bitmain E7 cn.xpb.k1pool.com:9712 cn.xpb.k1pool.com:9712
Bitmain E9Pro  Bitmain E9Pro - -
iPollo  iPollo cn.xpb.k1pool.com:9702 cn.xpb.k1pool.com:9702
iPollo  ForestMiner cn.xpb.k1pool.com:9722 cn.xpb.k1pool.com:9720
Jasminer X16  Jasminer X16 cn.xpb.k1pool.com:9732 cn.xpb.k1pool.com:9732
Jasminer X4  Jasminer X4 cn.xpb.k1pool.com:9712 cn.xpb.k1pool.com:9712
  VIP port   @k1help @k1help
- ZIL mining enabled by default, for payouts add your Zilliqa (ZIL) wallet address on Wallets page.
- for ZIL mining add your Zilliqa (ZIL) wallet address on Wallets page.
- port supports non-SSL and SSL connections
- port supports SSL connection only

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