PowBlocks Solo Mining Pool

How To Start Mining PowBlocks SOLO

Choose Mining Server XPB

  ZIL ZIL Dual Mining TCP Port SSL Port
  GPU eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9724 eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9724
  GPU HiDiff eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9725 eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9725
Bitmain E7  Bitmain E7 eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9714 eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9714
Bitmain E9Pro  Bitmain E9Pro - -
iPollo  iPollo eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9704 eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9704
iPollo  ForestMiner eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9724 eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9724
Jasminer X16  Jasminer X16 eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9734 eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9734
Jasminer X4  Jasminer X4 eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9714 eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9714
  ZIL ZIL Dual Mining TCP Port SSL Port
  GPU us.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9724 us.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9724
  GPU HiDiff us.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9725 us.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9725
Bitmain E7  Bitmain E7 us.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9714 us.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9714
Bitmain E9Pro  Bitmain E9Pro - -
iPollo  iPollo us.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9704 us.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9704
iPollo  ForestMiner us.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9724 us.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9724
Jasminer X16  Jasminer X16 us.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9734 us.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9734
Jasminer X4  Jasminer X4 us.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9714 us.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9714
  ZIL ZIL Dual Mining TCP Port SSL Port
  GPU cn.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9724 cn.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9724
  GPU HiDiff cn.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9725 cn.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9725
Bitmain E7  Bitmain E7 cn.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9714 cn.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9714
Bitmain E9Pro  Bitmain E9Pro - -
iPollo  iPollo cn.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9704 cn.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9704
iPollo  ForestMiner cn.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9724 cn.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9724
Jasminer X16  Jasminer X16 cn.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9734 cn.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9734
Jasminer X4  Jasminer X4 cn.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9714 cn.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9714
- ZIL mining enabled by default, for payouts add your Zilliqa (ZIL) wallet address on Wallets page.
- for ZIL mining add your Zilliqa (ZIL) wallet address on Wallets page.
- port supports non-SSL and SSL connections
- port supports SSL connection only

Step 1 - Register

Register or login to get your account address.

Step 2 - Create a Wallet (XPB)

Currently, there is no wallet with native XPB support. You could generate a wallet address on a crypto exchange, for example XeggeX. We recommend to use an Ethereum wallet that supports custom RPC, for example Metamask. Add a custom network using this tutorial and XPB network details.
  • Network Name: XPB-mainnet
  • New RPC URL: https://rpc.powblocks.com
  • Chain ID: 12300
  • Currency Symbol: XPB
  • Block Explorer URL (Optional): https://scan.powblocks.com
After that enter your XPB 0x address on Wallets page for payouts.

Step 3 - Download mining software

Quick start: Download ready to go package of the GPU Miners Software (zip password: k1pool).

For Nvidia GPUs we recommend T-Rex or GMiner.
For AMD GPUs we recommend lolMiner or GMiner.
You can get download links at Mining Software page.

Step 4 - Edit the bat file

Quick setup: Generate ready-to-go .bat file on Dashboard.

If you have downloaded miners.zip in previous step - replace Kr_WALLET with account address you got on Step 1.
If you want, you can change RIG_NAME in the bat file. Specify the name of the rig as you want it to be shown in miner's statistics page. This field is optional.
Length of RIG_NAME - 32 characters maximum. Use English letters, numbers and symbols "-" and "_".

Config for T-Rex:

Config for Gminer:

Config for lolMiner:

Hash Power Rental Services

Our pool works with Hash Power rental services Miningrigrentals.com and NiceHash.com.

Settings for NiceHash.com:

Custom pool name: K1Pool XPBSOLO
Algorithm: DaggerHashimoto
Stratum hostname or IP: eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com
Port: 9725
Username: Kr_WALLET
Password: x

Settings for Miningrigrentals.com:

Name: K1Pool XPBSOLO
Type: Dagger-Hashimoto (Ethash)
Pool Host: eu.xpbsolo.k1pool.com:9724
Workername (-u): Kr_WALLET
Password (-p): x

Telegram support chat

Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions