ZCash node has been updated
All our ZCash (ZEC) nodes have been updated to latest v3.0.0 to be prepare to upcoming Heartwood network upgrade (at block 903 000 ~16 July 2020).
Miners Online
Current Luck
Pool Hashrate
Pool Fee
Network Hashrate
Network Difficulty
Blockchain Height
Block Reward, ZEC
ZEC Price
20 min Payouts run every
0.05 ZEC Payout Threshold

Pool Hashrate

Choose Mining Server

Location AutoSwitch Port Permanent Port
Europe  Europe eu.equihash.k1pool.com:4000 eu.zecsolo.k1pool.com:2144
Europe HiDiff  Europe HiDiff eu.equihash.k1pool.com:4001 eu.zecsolo.k1pool.com:2145
USA  USA us.equihash.k1pool.com:4000 us.zecsolo.k1pool.com:2144
USA HiDiff  USA HiDiff us.equihash.k1pool.com:4001 us.zecsolo.k1pool.com:2145
China  China cn.equihash.k1pool.com:4000 cn.zecsolo.k1pool.com:2144
China HiDiff  China HiDiff cn.equihash.k1pool.com:4001 cn.zecsolo.k1pool.com:2145

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